Oushu Data Cloud

Includes OushuDB (a cloud native data warehouse), LittleBoy (an automated machine learning platform), and Lava (a data management platform)

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Oushu Data Cloud

Oushu Data Cloud has cloud-native features including elasticity from separation of compute and storage, and high-performance in parallel processing. It provides users with fast analysis of complex queries, automated machine learning, data asset management. Oushu Data Cloud helps companies in building cloud data warehouses, real-time data warehouses, and lakehouses.

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Cloud Native

Oushu Data Cloud adopts a separation of compute and storage architecture, using cloud servers and distributed storage to deeply optimize the scalability of the data infrastructure. It works on major cloud platforms such as Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc.

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High-Performance Parallel Processing

Complex queries on petabytes of data on OushuDB is faster than that on traditional MPPs and SQL-on-Hadoop.The SIMD executor improves performance by 5 to 10 times, significantly accelerating batch processing and ad hoc querying.

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Excellent Compatibility

With a standard SQL dialect and ACID, Oushu Data Cloud provides easy access to Hive, HDFS and other Hadoop native components. It is compatible with data applications developed on Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Greenplum. You can migrate applications on traditional platforms smoothly to Oushu Data Cloud.

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Automated Machine Learning

Automated machine learning in Oushu Data Cloud provides business analysts and data scientists with automated AI modeling capabilities. It provides the life cycle management of AI models, and reduces AI R&D and management costs.

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Data Asset Management

Oushu Data Cloud supports data standard management, data quality management, metadata management, and data asset management capabilities, for example sensitive data management, business glossaries, data labeling and data lineage analysis.

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Data Service Management

The data API management module provides low threshold, graphical user interface, and authority management. Data Service Management helps data analysts encapsulate all kinds of data queries into API for business and maximize data value.

Phases of Data Platform Development

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