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Skylab is a new generation of fast cloud database, which allows enterprise users to easily build a core data warehouse, data mart, real-time data warehouse and lake warehouse integrated data platform.

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With excellent product capabilities, even cloud data platform Skylab has become the best choice for users to build a real-time digital warehouse and lake warehouse integrated platform. Skylab took the lead in implementing the six features of ANCHOR: All Data Types support multi type data, Native on Cloud native, Consistency data consistency, High Concurrency, One Copy of Data, Realtime real-time T+0. Through the six features of ANCHOR, Skylab has truly formed an integrated architecture at the data and query levels to completely solve the problems of cluster size and concurrency constraints, and unstructured data failure

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All Disparate Data

Support the storage of structured and unstructured data such as relational tables, text, images, videos, etc.

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Native on Cloud

It is suitable for cloud environment. It can increase or decrease computing and storage resources freely. It can charge according to usage and save costs.

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Through the perfect transaction mechanism, the consistency of different users when querying and updating the same data at the same time is guaranteed.

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One Copy of Data

All users (BI users, data scientists, etc.) can share the same data to avoid data islands.

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High concurrency

Support hundreds of thousands of users to use complex analysis queries to access the same data concurrently.

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Real-time T+0

Through the flow processing of full data T+0 and real-time on-demand query, it can meet the pre prediction, in-process judgment and post analysis based on data.

Skylab cloud data platform

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Different stages of data platform development

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