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Oushu Database (OushuDB) is the next-generation blazing-fast cloud data warehouse. OushuDB supports major cloud platforms. With a separation of compute and storage architecture, OushuDB solves challenges from traditional data warehouses, such as data silos, limited scalability and difficult maintenance.

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Cloud Native

Adopting a separation of compute and storage architecture, OushuDB uses cloud servers and object storage to deeply optimize the scalability of the data infrastructure. It meets the requirements of high elasticity and unlimited expansion of cloud applications. Supports mainstream cloud platforms such as Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.

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High Performance

Complex queries for PB-level data are orders of magnitude faster than traditional MPP databases and SQL-on-Hadoop engines. The brand new SIMD query executor improves performance by 5 to 10 times, significantly reducing the time required for batch processing and ad hoc queries.

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Strong Compatibility

With perfect SQL standard compatibility and ACID features, OushuDB supports easy smooth migration from Hadoop, Oracle, Db2, Greenplum and other data warehouses.

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High concurrency

It takes the lead in supporting ultra-high concurrency of analytical loads, ensuring complete query services while horizontal expansion of multiple master nodes, and achieving high availability of multiple master node clusters. Tens of thousands of users within the enterprise can access a piece of data using complex queries at the same time.

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Pure domestic

OushuDB is independently developed by top engineers in China and conforms to the national credit innovation standards. The even number of R&D teams once led the world‘s top open source database projects.

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Wide Adoption

OushuDB has been widely adopted by industries such as finance, telecom, manufacturing, energy and Internet, helping enterprises complete their digital transformation journey.

Database development towards cloud native architecture

Unlimited expansion, super performance and compatibility

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Performance comparison of OushuDB, Greenplum and ClickHouse

Query time of TPC-H benchmark (ms)

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