Oushu LittleBoy

Automated Machine Learning Platform

Help Enterprise Users Easily Implement Artificial Intelligence

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Adopts a graphical user interface and therefore its visual interaction helps users to conduct data modeling intuitively and reasonably by drag and drop, wizard guidance, etc. LittleBoy also integrates data preprocessing, stream processing, feature engineering, deep learning, AutoML, and AI services, greatly reducing machine learning threshold for beginners.

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Intuitive Graphical Interaction

Users can easily interact with LittleBoy and solve artificial intelligence problems even for users without a professional background.

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Automatic Algorithm Tuning

The optimized model can be automatically selected from hundreds of millions of models through AutoML. Users do not need to deeply understand the principles of the algorithm. The system can help you select the best configuration.

High Performance logo

High Performance

High-performance data read and write performance empowers model training and optimization efficiency.

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Feature Engineering

Dozens of feature engineering operators are provided to perform a series of changes on the original data, so that the feature data can be more effectively modeled for services.

Rich Machine Learning Algorithms logo

Rich Machine Learning Algorithms

Nearly a hundred kinds of machine learning algorithms, including both classic and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.Supervised learning and unsupervised learning can meet various business scenarios.

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Support Stream Processing

Including OushuDB, open source HAWQ, CSV files, MySQL, Postgres, Kafka, etc.

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Support Multiple Data Sources

Including OushuDB, open source HAWQ, upload CSV files, MySQL, Postgres, Kafka streaming data, etc.

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Widely Used in Various Industries

It can be applied to finance, telecom, public security, energy, manufacturing and other industries to help enterprises succeed in the AI era.

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Available for Different Background Users

In addition to the visual modeling function, LittleBoy also provides various Python APIs. Users can complete modeling and data analysis by editing code in Notebook.

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