Oushu Lava

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Help Enterprise Users Develop Agile Data Applications

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Not only has massive data processing capability, but also provides data synchronization, job scheduling, system monitoring, data development, and data asset management. Lava provides users with one-stop data management services, which can help companies realize their digital transformation.

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Massive Data Processing Capability

Deeply integrated with OushuDB, its excellent storage and computing separation architecture can be flexibly expanded to thousands of nodes, supporting PB-level efficient data analysis; data synchronization tools can help users quickly and efficiently integrate and share massive enterprise data.

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Convenient Operation and Maintenance

Supports automatic deployment, one-click expansion of clusters, cluster monitoring, alarm system based on rule engine, and a variety of alarm notification methods. It greatly improves the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

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Agile Development

The easy-to-use job scheduling and data synchronization allow data engineers to quickly complete the development of big data-related services.

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Data Asset Management

Integrate with the LittleBoy machine learning platform, support hundreds of machine learning algorithms and AutoML.

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High Availability

Lava supports high availability, multi-level fault tolerance, and 24*7 continuous operation.


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