Data Development and Scheduling

Flexible implementation of large-scale and complex task scheduling through visual interaction.

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Flow is a job scheduling tool with powerful web interface interaction capabilities, providing task scheduling capabilities for the Skylab platform. Flow not only supports rich data source types, but also has the front-end interaction capability of millions of task nodes, and flexibly realizes the scheduling service of large-scale cluster tasks.

Powerful image rendering capability logo

Powerful image rendering capability

Realize complex page image rendering of tens of thousands of task nodes based on WebGL (3D online game-level image rendering plug-in).

Large scale, High availability logo

Large scale, High availability

Provide highly available distributed cluster services for enterprises to meet users' needs for ultra-large-scale job scheduling.

Whole-process visual management logo

Whole-process visual management

It supports dragging and dropping on the canvas to configure scheduling relationships, provides an agile data development IDE, and realizes online data development.

Complete operation monitoring function logo

Complete operation monitoring function

It supports multiple operation modes such as job rerun, single-point run, and downstream run. You can view real-time running logs and trace historical tasks.

Multi-level resource organization and process control logo

Multi-level resource organization and process control

It supports resource organization such as tasks, task groups, jobs, and job spaces, and can realize multi-level concurrency and priority configuration.

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Easy backup and migration

It supports one-click import and export of complete jobs in Excel format, providing enterprises with system-level backup and recovery solutions.

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