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Oushu Data Cloud consists of OushuDB (a cloud native data warehouse), LittleBoy (an automated machine learning platform), and Lava (a data management platform). Oushu Data Cloud has cloud-native features, a separation of compute and storage, high-performance in parallel processing, and comprehensive ecological compatibility. It provides users with fast analysis of complex queries, automated machine learning, data asset & service management. Oushu Data Cloud helps companies build cloud data warehouses, real-time data warehouses, and lakehouses, effectively respond to digital trend.


Oushu Database

Oushu Database (OushuDB) is the next-generation blazing-fast cloud data warehouse. OushuDB supports major cloud platforms. With a separation of compute and storage architecture, OushuDB solves challenges from traditional data warehouses, such as data silos, limited scalability and difficult maintenance.

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A bank-wide big data platform was built based on OushuDB, which replaced the traditional Db2 data warehouse and Oracle data marts. OushuDB supported data applications such as Management Accounting, Anti-fraud, Customer Persona, Performance Appraisals, and Regulatory Reporting. With petabytes of data stored in hundreds of nodes, OushuDB met the bank’s growing data volume and the dynamic scalability.

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Oushu and China Construction Bank (CCB) jointly established a high-performance big data processing technology lab, which integrated both OushuDB’s capabilities and CCB’s dozens of petabytes of data from different data application. As a new cloud native data warehouse, OushuDB was applied innovatively in large-scale CCB data lake.

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With its innovative technology in data warehousing, OushuDB helped China Unicom analyze efficiently hundreds of terabytes of data added daily due to the rapid development of China Unicom’s 5G business nowadays. Real-time analysis of massive data is now online in more than 10 branch organizations from China Unicom.

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Oushu has deep cooperation with VMware, a global leader in virtual infrastructure software. A high-performance data warehouse was built with OushuDB for hundreds of terabytes data. In various analysis scenarios including Business Intelligence, OushuDB run many times faster than traditional Hive. It also greatly improved the elasticity and scalability by separating compute and storage, compared to traditional MPPs.